Kreative Kim

Freelancer & Entrepreneur

Kreative Kim is the umbrella company for Kreative Konceptionz – graphic design and CMS website design service as well s various other creative an crafty endeavours such as the painted name boards. We are also partners to Feeling Sexy – a company not only created for ladies to feel comfortable with all things regarding their sexiness – but also doing co-ed passion parties for fun and entertainment (not a sexual service at all).

Kreative Konceptionz Logo

Kreative Konceptionz

Logo Designs, Company Branding (business cards, car signage, letterheads, templates, profiles, flyers, etc), Powerpoint Presentations, CMS Websites and General Design Projects.

We also provide a printing service for all mediums: paper, signage, car branding, promotional items, etc

All your graphic design needs for new and established businesses.
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Feeling Sexy

Feeling Sexy was created through a desire to help every woman feel fabulous, sexy and confident, both in and out of the bedroom. We encourage you to embrace that gorgeous sensuality that is inside you and to be inspired to live a life more pleasurable.

Kinky Adult Toys and Sexy Lingerie - Feeling Sexy host a product range that will entice and pique your interests as well as arouse some intimate whispers with your partner.

Visit our website to order:

Passion Parties

Pleasure Party, Passion Party, Toy Party, Lingerie Party - Whatever you want to call them; they're always a hit! Always leaving you Feeling Sexy!

You not only get to have your girlfriends (or guys & girls!) over; you also earn FREE and discounted products. The average party will earn the hostess
R250 in FREE merchandise along with hostess specials and other incentives.

Hand Painted Wooden Name Boards

Wooden name boards for your little one's room - even for your older children. Various designs - made to order. Uniquely hand painted. Awesome gifts for a baby shower as well! You can give me creative freedom to create, advise on colours or tell me a theme. Order your unique wall hangings now!