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So M, my Personal Assistant (who will be promoted to PR Manager by the end of the year), spends lots of time with me… and decided to point out that I like weird combinations of food…. *raised eyebrow* – lol ok maybe Im not so surprised… quite a few people have actually said that to me…

Like I decided I really really like baby marrows! And had this the other day:

Its French Toast with Ranch Sauce (or my firm fave Mayonnaise will do 😉 ) and then sliced baby marrows that were heated and made soft in microwave! Voila! Was yummy!!! 🙂

M just thought it was weird hehehe….

Another of my firm faves on French toast is thick Avocado Pear with fried mushrooms…… Mmmm

You CANNOT judge unless you have tried it! 😉

And obviously there is the more normal melted cheese and garlic with mushrooms on French Toast!

Have you EVER tried Thai Sweet Chilli Lays and Astros?? Now THAT is an awesome experience in your mouth!! The savoury mixed with sweet in that combination is great!!! 🙂 I DARE you to go out and buy that and tell me what you think! :p

If you dont like it – then you are not from this planet! lol its ASTRONMICAL!

Anyways…. Back to M and the baby marrows…

So last night I used the last of my baby marrows and threw together a pasta dish… spinach, bacon, chicken and baby marrows + taglietelle pasta… AND my secret flavourings (which is really usually just whatever I find in my cupboards)… If I must say so myself…. it was YUMMY!!!

And M absolutely agreed! 🙂 Her exact words tweeted to me were “@kimigal8 That pasta was INSANELY DEVINE!!!!” *blush* (O ya I started Twitter – SO FOLLOW ME!!) – so now M doesnt think that baby marrows is so weird anymore (ok maybe its still weird on my french toast?)

Ag what you think is weird I think is scrumptious!!!!! 😉