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So when I was at the cardiologist almost a month ago – I found out I lost weight and yday I finally went to get some new jeans coz B says I look like I’m wearing my granny’s jeans the way its hanging on me! (Lmao – the nerve!) I’ve been so busy it barely phased me – but yes I was aware I needed to go shopping! 🙂

And I grabbed one size down from what I was (34) and fitted it on and went to the shop assistant and asked for 2 more jeans in the same size and she tells me I fitted on a 32 and not a 34!!! I looked at the length instead of waist! I almost did a happy dance hehehe!!! YAY I’m a 32 again!! 🙂

I mentioned the cardiologist earlier – but actually just mentioned it coz of the weight hint. I actually haven’t heard my murmur in ages. (Its still there but I don’t physically hear it coz I’m not looking 4 it) Your mind is quite a crazy awesome thing! Because I know what my murmur is caused by and because I now know how to handle it to live a normal healthy life (ok I have a problem with delicious cakes presented to me like in the pic! ==>) – the murmur is not a focus point for me anymore and my mind disregarded it! 🙂

Its like when you become aware of something for the first time – like my sister J’s new car. Its a brown Kia Rio and the first time I saw it – was so unique and I never saw a car like it and even the colour was different, OMW yday I saw 3 of the same cars in one day!!lol

On another note… I received an e-mail a few weeks ago… from a professional I came into contact with. He always mentioned to me what an inspiration I am and what an awesome thing I am doing with Kreative Kraftz…. This is the e-mail:

Hi Kim,

Your situation has inspired me to compose this wee poem. It is purely intended for a laugh. Here is how it goes :

“A stunning young lady with eyes so bright,

One day imagined she’d swallowed a dove,

That was chirping from inside of her heart,

To all the wee children she brings such delight,

Soft whistling murmurs, the music of love,

Kreative Kim, the lady with a tweet in her heart, so light “


Hope you like it. LOL


hehehe what do you think of that??

P.S. Teens craft workshops are starting this Saturday – and Ladies workshops are starting next Saturday – dont forget to book your seat!!! Details below 😉