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My best friend, Z, asked me in the beginning of starting my blog where I would find the time in my busy schedule to blog lol – I wanted to prove her wrong and it worked in the beginning but as u can see – Z was right… My life is the epitomy of busy lol…

Update? Weeeellll The Workshop at Blue Route Mall has been doing awesome – minus the fact that we are experiencing the perfect example of big fish eat little fish scenario. Anyways we will overcome that – positivity, hard work, optimism, faith and determination will take us through 🙂

Our shopfittings and branding is finally arriving and we are pretty excited for the revamp – Kreative Kraftz is on a journey of exciting change – watch this space – it will surely be memorable 😉

So I’m sitting in a waiting room now… Yes I know its early – lol couldn’t sleep all night coz I was so anxious – similar feelings to the night before my matric ball, or the night before I had to appear on the Expresso Show for the 1st time :

I’m no. 28 – that’s not so bad considering we got here on time – I have a book with me 2day 2… Reading was always my FAVE pasttime – but now it seems that is in the “past” and I just don’t have any “time” for it anymore. Which is sad coz I love the far away places it used to take me and the fantasy books I read were quite creatively inspiring 🙂

Speaking about inspiring… Think I need to plan a proper vacation for B and I soon… Need it! That will not only inspire lots of QT but also rest, relaxation and a time-out from our equally busy lives! I took my own time-out bout a month ago when I went to stay at my cousin’s for a week – was absolute bliss. I actually worked on my laptop everyday but the change of scenery was awesome and it was good catching up with family 🙂

Mmmmm so anyways…. Bk to planning that w-end away…