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So today I was really SUPER blonde! (No offense 2 light haired ppl lol – its just a saying).

This morning I picked up Kreative Kraftz’s first official bank card (*BIG GRIN*) and I was running a bit late (yes I’m a chronic late person – but HONESTLY this time it wasn’t my fault! Lol) so sped off so that I could be on time to meet my Shop Administrator, A.

So we have a good day – busy and productive – while meanwhile in my head its going even more chaotic coz I’m thinking about all the things I need to do after A leaves! I get a phone call from the insurers – I had asked them 2 call me 2day (after more than an hour going through the declarations on Thursday) so that I could confirm the activation of our public liability insurance – lol this was the 3rd time she was calling me back for the day – because the 1st time: I didn’t have  new bank account number and the 2nd time: my battery died mid confirmation.
So aaaannnnyyyywwwwaaayyy – 1,2,3 and our coverage is activated! YAY! Business bank card and insurance cover – check! (“,)

About 2 hours later… My heart almost stopped (not literally lol) – I realised my blonde moment!

I gave the new bank details to the broker and pro-rata needs to be debited from the account TONIGHT! And I was late this morning and just grabbed card instead of depositing any money into account *closing my eyes*

Kreative Kraftz’s very FIRST transaction could not be a rejected debit!!! (O_o)
So I contacted A – coz I know she has the same bank – and it would be best if it was done internally – BUT she couldn’t help lol… So I made it my bb status 🙂

Luckily I have lots of awesome friends who offered 2 help and K.W. + J.S.  – U GUYS R AWESOME! Thank u 4 saving Kreative Kraftz’s transaction history 😉

Lol I have now learnt that:
No. 1: I should not do verbal agreements or financial confirmations over the phone when I have one thousand and seven things in my head and,

No. 2: I should remove at least 900 things from my head and delegate to my new fantastic Kreative Kraftz team! 🙂 (considering that that is what my cardiologist insisted I do)…

Ok lol… Thinking about that will be the 1st thing on my long agenda for 2moro! 😉 Right now its time 4 bed, Alphas and Red Velvet cake… Mmmmm =D