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So I’m starting to go a bit stir crazy… 🤪

 Day 6 in hospital… my chest hasn’t been paining today and that’s a major relief! I can even take deep breaths and feel nothing – and this is without tramadol! I feel all the magical healing through my prayers warriors…. thank you Jesus!

I feel my Daddy’s spirit with me a lot ❤️ He passed in September 2012… (lol everything I speak about is from 8 years ago – it’s time I filled in those gaps).

How crazy is it that yesterday, I spent an hour speaking to a man who was my dad’s best friend in high school! And he works here at Groote Schuur! He hasn’t seen my dad since after they finished their trade stuff at the docks in Simonstown in 1985. That’s the year I was born. He kept saying how surreal it was to be speak to the eldest daughter of his childhood best friend ❤️


I have always had a yearning to know more about my dad… and that side of my family… my childhood was a bit (or maybe “bit” is an understatement lol) complicated… from pictures when I was smaller, I knew that there were happy times. Then I feel that something changed and my dad got involved with the wrong influencers and went down a path he never returned from…

Everything that happened separated me and my siblings from my dad’s side of the family… now I find my yearning increasing incredibly.

I have decided to actively track down my family tree… my dad’s dad (I remember him, I called him papa and I enjoyed rubbing his ears as I fell asleep) has brothers and sisters I don’t know about – but one of the sisters kids kids (stay with me) was actually in my class in primary school! If I remember correctly I thought he was cute hahaha and one of my best friends had quite a crush on him! 

Little did we know 🤦🏻‍♀️

And then my dad’s mom was the second wife. Papa had a first wife and had 7 children with her! 


In my rebellious teen phase I had a group of social drinking friends and we used to chill in Sloster avenue weekends – there was an older lady that also sat in the older people company and I knew her fondly. I later found out that she was literally one of my dad’s sisters! 

With the business I had in 2015, Feeling Sexy, (when I sold dildos, entertained at bachelorette parties, had drinks with strippers who worked for me and had a slot on Goodhope FM discussing and advising on help in the bedroom – yes I am a colourful character lol)…anyways… back to the point!  

Yesterday I also confirmed the appointment for a program called ” Taking Back Me” – which includes a body detox (to help this chemo get out – its served it purpose), sorting through my mind and getting me to the place I want to be as an individual. Not as a mom. Not as a wife. But as me, Kim.

So much change coming up… a chapter in our lives has come to an end – its time for a new season!!! I am SO SUPER EXCITED!!!!


This morning I woke up at 6am (lol not out of choice, but because Olivia decided she was awake). I felt refreshed. Brand New. Straight out of the figurative box! Ready to take on all the new. The fact that its the 1st day of May is another auspicious sign. Kaelyn woke too, so I settled them both with some Saturday morning episodes and snacks – tucked them in nicely and felt the urge to sit at my PC.

I spent an hour or so doing so much work that I have been stuck with the past few weeks – its like the lights just came on and all the cobwebs and dust were instantly gone. It felt liberating. 

I didn’t stop there… I made potato salad for later on and then made porridge for the girls and passed Olivia on to B to get her fed. Then I washed the dishes – something I haven’t done in 3 months hahaha.

Still I didn’t stop there… called Kaelyn to get the things out to make some muffins. Delicious chocolate mint muffins with caramel centre.

With one of the Feeling Sexy parties, I had to do a delivery of an order… and when I got the address, I felt I knew the place. And then when I got there I had flashbacks of memories… I watched Tinkerbell for the first time in that house as a child. 

Turns out, that was another sister’s house and I had been there with my dad. The owner of the Feeling Sexy order, was the daughter of my cousin and Godmother (that I don’t know). 

And this is just the tips of the iceberg hahaha

Tonight when my husband brings my hardcover book I requested (and colour pens), I will start the intricate family tree and see who else I will discover as a family member… who knows, it could be you! 🤩

Time for lunch… then I go down to meet one of my cousins who I just found out works on C floor here at the hospital… lol also from my dad’s side… it’s been years since I have seen her too. 

(Still no word on when the biopsy will happen… time is running out for today so hopefully on Thursday)