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Before I tell you about my past, my present life – or what I am working toward in my future with God’s assistance… Let me tell you about today…

This morning my alarm went off at 4:30am… And I let my mind wander for about 15 minutes and just lay staring at the wall (like I sometimes randomly find myself doing recently – coz my head is JUST too full) until B’s snoring just drove me bonkers and I nudged him to wake up 🙂 Then we got ready for my appointment – lol as usual – I ran late and we only arrived at 6:30am… To a waiting room full of people…We patiently waited (at least I did – B randomly complained in my ear lol) and we were out of there an hour later and waiting 4 my set of tests at Cardio. 

If I had known how many times I was going to take my top off today – I would have worn something easier!I met another heart patient and he told me his story: he had a hole in his heart from birth but only discovered it when he had stomach issues and they did a full body scan. He had an operation to fix it and it took 6 hours… He was 1 week in ICU thereafter and 1 week in general recovery. For 6 months after – his body was STILL in recovery and he said it even hurt to fart *closing eyes* – he showed me his scar from the operation. At this moment it all suddenly felt very real for me…But I’m a very positive person and the type that finds solutions immediately – I already decided the type of tops I could wear to hide the scar if I had to have surgery without out loosing cleavage hehehe 🙂