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8 years later and I find myself blogging again… same hospital but with a different medical conundrum.


I was actually admitted twice after the 2012 cardiac encounter… first in February 2013 with the (very dramatic) birth of our first born, Kaelyn Riley and then again in January 2019 for the scheduled caesar of Olivia Grace (details on that for another blog post on another day)

And now I’m here again… 2020. What a year! Oh 2020, the year that just keeps on giving lol

On Thursday I came in to Groote Schuur with a sore left arm and chest pains. I had had it for about 3 weeks randomly but pushed it aside and penned it down to anxiety with the move from our first family home 🏠 

But Wednesday it didn’t go away like it usually did and I ended up taking calmettes (for my anxiety about it) and some pain meds but Thursday morning I knew it was best to go into hospital.


My doctor advised what I was feeling couldn’t just be anxiety anymore… plus I missed my June cardiac checkup due to COVID 19 (the 2029 global f-up)

I didn’t expect to be sitting here, 3 days later, staring into a bowl of green jelly and (thicker than usual) custard lol… Customary Sunday afternoon hospital dessert. 

My tummy is full now… the meds are kicking in… this story is to be continued… 

Nap Time!!!