About Kreative Kim

Kreative Kim

There is so much I want to tell you about the Kreative brand.
Many people have been exposed to the Kreative brand, and so many are to be exposed to it.

Kim Stacey Jacobs, also known as Kreative Kim, has always been a creative, from a very young age desiring to paint, create and modify things. She loves change and new ideas - and this is incorporated into her life - its never stagnant.


Kim is happiest when being creative and decided to share this happiness with others, especially kids - and this is when Kreative Kraftz was born 🙂
In contrast to the "clean" creativity of her freelance career doing graphic design and website maintenance through Kreative Konceptionz, Kim loves getting messy whether using fabrics, paints, glue or anything in between. She also loves to read, photography, travel and appreciates music.


A dream coming on for many years became a reality when she launched Kreative Konceptionz and Kreative Kraftz in November 2010. We also gave back to the community by creating the initiative: Kommunity Krafting. A well received program which had many interested sponsors and brightened the lives of many disadvantaged children around Cape Town.Kreative Kraftz was and will still continue to be an awesomely successful initiative under new owners - the business was sold in 2014 thanks to personal and professional achievement and Kreative Kim decided to take on new and exciting ventures. Kreative Kim is still passionate about assisting Youth and Adults to broaden their horizons by making use of their creativity and imaginative minds and will be establishing Kommunity Kraftz again in Chatsworth, Western Cape in 2016.

The New and Exciting Ventures, namely Feeling Sexy and Cape Town Specials are growing in leaps and bounds with their own professional teams running them!


Kreative Kim's current focuses are to encourage ladies to embrace that gorgeous sensuality that is found inside each and everyone and to be inspired to live a life more pleasurable through Feeling Sexy; provide local service providers and their customers a network to do business over while sharing the wealth of connections through Cape Town Specials; as well as assisting entrepreneurs with their small businesses by providing a website plus corporate identity design service through Kreative Konceptionz.

Kreative Kim aspires to uplift society and encourage individuals to reach for their dreams and passions.