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You are probably wondering if I ate that green jelly and (thicker than usual) custard. 

Lol unfortunately I passed it on to my neighbour… 

And it’s not because of the lesson I taught Kaelyn the other day about the origins of gelatin in jelly. Did you know that the gelatin protein comes from animals skin and bones being boiled? Lol did you know that?! 

Anyways… so I had an ecg when I came into hospital, my heart was fine and wasn’t the cause of the chest pain. Then I got a chest X-ray that the doctor wasn’t happy with and I was sent for a CT scan. 

The procedure was well explained and even though I was given a heads up, lol nothing could have prepared me for that feeling where it felt like I had pee’d myself wet! 😂

So at 01:50am… *yes 01:50am* the doctor got the results and called me to speak to me. 

When she spoke to everyone else out in the waiting room but called me into a private room, I already knew I was being admitted.

So I have a mass growing in my chest. They need to do lots of bloods and a biopsy to check if it’s cancerous or not then administer appropriate treatment. 

As with most government facilities – state hospitals don’t operate at full capacity on a weekend. So I basically just had my first “time out” in years. 

It was surreal… I used to be an avid book reader and needed to retrain my brain on how to sit still and read lol.

I put it out into the universe a few weeks ago that 2021 was going to be different… I was going to calm my life down and introduce another speed and not just my current speed of “go-go-go”…

The universe clearly didn’t believe I could get that started on my own so I have been given a push start lol…

Time to stop, and listen, to be safe (as sang by Daniel Tiger – Olivia’s cartoon where she learns life lessons.

Like “grown ups come back” – I sang this song after being away for a few hours and coming back after errands. Now she sings it wondering when I will be back.

Today is day 4 that I haven’t seen my kids in person. Kaelyn has gone this long without seeing me but not Olivia. I miss them SO Sooooooo much!

Everything happens for a reason and soon soon I will be back home with them…

So today is Monday… let’s hear what the doctors say about the next step…