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Blogging is not really for me… I just don’t have the time to put all my hundred thousand thoughts into words on a regular basis… I think what I need to do, is start vlogging 🙂

I’m going to try that… something new! So this will be my last blog post.

Last night, we were watching a family movie, all snuggled together. Tummies full from the chicken chow mein and microwave butter popcorn. (Perks of living in suburbia again)

All of a sudden I couldn’t keep my eyes open… which is strange because most nights I’m still up until at least 10pm watching Vikings with the love of my life. So its 7pm and I’m fighting my eyelids to stay open… lol 30 minutes later the kids wake me because the movie has ended, but I’m still feeling super drained.

Not normal drained, and not chemo drained… a different kind of drained. Thoughts came rushing to my head trying to explain the utter exhaustion. I voiced my thoughts to Bevan later, I felt like I was literally at the end of one chapter in my life. 

I’m cancer-free and its three weeks after my last chemotherapy session – so had I been continuing with chemo – I would have gone back now. But I’m not – because cancer is behind me. I declare that in God’s name! 

Another thing that came to an end is that Martha left yesterday, my saving grace from Chatsworth, she stayed with us since we moved into our new home to help me – especially on the days when I just couldn’t get out of bed. Olivia’s shenanigans distracting us from Kae’s homeschool will also be coming to an end… we chose the playschool she will be starting next week too!


I have been preparing for a while now for the major revamp I want to do on my life, started working on my dream/vision board too.

Yesterday I also confirmed the appointment for a program called ” Taking Back Me” – which includes a body detox (to help this chemo get out – its served it purpose), sorting through my mind and getting me to the place I want to be as an individual. Not as a mom. Not as a wife. But as me, Kim.

So much change coming up… a chapter in our lives has come to an end – its time for a new season!!! I am SO SUPER EXCITED!!!!

This morning I woke up at 6am (lol not out of choice, but because Olivia decided she was awake). I felt refreshed. Brand New. Straight out of the figurative box! Ready to take on all the new. The fact that its the 1st day of May is another auspicious sign. Kaelyn woke too, so I settled them both with some Saturday morning episodes and snacks – tucked them in nicely and felt the urge to sit at my PC.

I spent an hour or so doing so much work that I have been stuck with the past few weeks – its like the lights just came on and all the cobwebs and dust were instantly gone. It felt liberating. 

I didn’t stop there… I made potato salad for later on and then made porridge for the girls and passed Olivia on to B to get her fed. Then I washed the dishes – something I haven’t done in 3 months hahaha.

Still I didn’t stop there… called Kaelyn to get the things out to make some muffins. Delicious chocolate mint muffins with caramel centre.


Lol I’m not sure how much batter Olivia consumed while she was “stirring” or how much caramel Kaelyn ate while she was mixing – but what matters is that we were spending quality time together. That is super precious to me. Life. Living it. Loving it. And creating awesome memories while doing it. 

And look – I even wrote a blog post! 

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts… thank you for all the thoughts and prayers you sent my way on the path I found myself on. Thank you for being you! 

I hope I inspire you to be awesome. To be the best you can be. To always look at the positive side of things with a glass half full. And to never give up! God has me. And God has you.

Always and Forever. xoxo