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Every morning you’ll rise and shine 🤪 

That’s what I have been doing… rising and shining! ☀️ 

Today is day 9 at hospital 🌻

I woke up just after 7 this morning… I put the blanket over my head and slept through the 4am coffee and nurses putting lights on and doing their rounds lol… felt a bit groggy, but good. No pain. 

Results of the biopsy I had Wednesday should have come today as they marked it as urgent, delays though and I’m hoping to hear something tomorrow, then we will know the next step to get the mass out ❤️🙏🏻

I’m all good. In a good headspace. I have patience and faith ❤️🙏🏻


I haven’t rested and spent time on me in years… I’m taking advantage of this. Reading, meditating, spending time with God, drawing…. lol I’m actually relaxing. Something I always SAY I’m gonna do but never really get a chance to. 

The only flip side is I REALLY miss my husband and our kids.

The rest of my family and friends I’m used to seeing only every few weeks (living far away in a rural suburb does that) but my immediate family is my everything and it’s them that I really want to go home for. 

But I need to follow this hospital stay through. I am patient.

I’m in my zone… creativity everywhere, lol replaced my name tag too… needed some colour. If I’m not going anywhere, I might as well make myself comfortable 🤪

I started my first oil Pastel drawing yesterday, I resonated with  a beautiful uniquely coloured flow and a ladybug. 🐞 

Symbolism of ladybug:

Ladybugs are generally associated with Good Fortune, Protection and Good Luck. They bring with them a sense of Future Prosperity. Their bright and Colourful look, along with their happy-go-lucky travels means living life without boundaries.


I started on my second book too! I’m on a roll! 📖 📚



Yesterday two lovely ladies came around with magazines for the patients. And super cute adult colouring books! Each ward got only one colouring book. I found out when I asked if I could also receive one that Mrs R had received. 

Mrs R had her eyesight weaken in hospital and she couldn’t see properly, but the colouring book was a present for her grand daughter that was going to big school soon. Mrs R was getting ready to be discharged. Her diabetes and high blood issues were stabilised 🙏🏻

She saw my interest and offered the book to me, I graciously declined and said that it was presented to her and it had a purpose so she should follow through with it. That book had chosen its path. 

I turned to the two lovely ladies and said that if they were finished with their rounds and one of the colouring books happened to fall off the trolley then they could drop it with me 🤪 lol it was a joke, we all laughed and got back to what we were doing. 


The hospital is so full. Therefore the delays are understandably a given.

Immediately Mrs R was replaced with Itumileng, I always found myself to be the youngest person at hospital with check ups etc… she is the first person to be younger than me. We asked her age and we thought we heard 30. 

The volume of what she was watching on her phone was disturbing one of the other patients, I could see she strained when she made it softer… I gave her an extra set of earphones I had. 

We don’t have the luxury of privacy or doing things as you would at home. We need to respect those around us. Compromise.

This morning, I realised Itumileng is 13 and not 30 as we incorrectly heard!! A little girl. 

The doctors say she might have lupus. Bless her soul and give her strength for her life’s Journey, Lord ❤️

As I was finishing my drawing this afternoon, one of those lovely ladies appeared next to my bed and dropped an even bigger colouring book and said “it fell off the trolley” ❤️🙏🏻🥰

Yay 🎉

I had received a colouring book from my best friend that she luckily had at home when I was looking for one and I asked her if I could pass it on.

I gifted it to Itumileng and divided my pencil crayons to share with her. 

It was an absolute joy watching her colour for the afternoon 🌈 with her earphones in bopping her head to the music 🎶 

God is Good. ♥️ Thank you for your blessings